Do not leave a smile behind - Preventive Dentistry from Early Age

Choosing paediatricians is significant, the same way as vital as selecting the right dentists for your child. Your and your children dental health is priority number one.

Tooth decay affects the teeth at young age more than other chronic diseases. The mouth, especially at small age can be a dangerous entry way to many harmful substances. Additionally, untreated tooth decay causes pain along with the potential problems to serious infections on the healthy teeth and gym, which can affect eating, speaking and performing every day’s routine or playing. Poor looking teeth can make your child feel uncomfortable and affect their self-esteem.

Developing a good relationship with their dentists to administer good preventative care is important for parents, as well as for children. Starting from the youngest age the dentist can help parents teach the children about the value of good nutrition for a better dental health and healthy lifestyle in general. The health starts from your mouth and the dental health for kids is important to influence future behaviour for their entire lives.

Preventive dentistry is keeping you smile for a lifetime

If you want to have the best teeth possible the experience visiting a dentist should start at young age.
Many dentists recommend age 3 because all of the milk teeth which are in its place by that time, but some paediatric dentists follow the recommendations of the ADA - Australian Dental Association which recommends a child should visit a dentist as early as 6 months of getting the first tooth. Hence most of the parents take their children for medical exams throughout their lives often times they wait to see a dentist until unexpected dental problem has occurred. So if you want to take care of your child's dental health practicing preventive dentistry is the best way to ensure that your child has a good one, starting form youngest age and throughout his life time.
The preventive dentistry for children includes firstly proper nutrition, second daily brushing and flossing, regular dental check-ups and parental help in care of teeth, oral health education and guidance, sealants and other procedures designed to keep your child's teeth healthy.

Asking a Dentist: How early should my child begin tooth brushing?

Every professional dentist will give you the correct answer: As earlier your child starts getting professional dental care the better it will be for the dental health in future. The ADA recommends that preventive dentistry for your child should begin when his first tooth begins to make an appearance or at least before the first birthday.
Providing with regular check-ups the dentist can make sure that your baby’s first teeth are strong and straight and also can be the beginning of building a strong relationship with your child, so that if any dental work needs to be done in future this will be the bond of trust between them.

By visiting your Caringbah Dentist regularly he will be able to diagnose problems early and work on correcting them before they become major problems that may result in highly expensive dental treatments. Preventive dentistry for your child is not only about early diagnosis of problems but it can actually prevent dental issues from occurring in certain situations.