Few Secrets & Facts about Cosmetic dentistry - Your Smile and the Dental Health!

The proper dental and oral hygiene practice besides the continuous oral care are the prime factors of a beautiful and a healthy smile. Most of the dentists can't do magic. Hence your dentist is not allowed to perform any clinical cosmetic procedures on your teeth if you have improper oral care, in any different situation you should question the dentist’s integrity as a health care provider, on the other you should try to maintain proper oral healthcare and keep your natural smile as long as you can. It is the best you have! The Dentist can always tell you few secrets and also help you gain attractive smile, but the main role plays your intention of keeping and maintaining the smile as perfect as it can.

Based on the fundamentals of the Golden Proportion of a smile, in a perfectly aligned smile the cutting edges, of your front teeth should not be on the same level. By this, your gum line above the front teeth shouldn't follow an equal level arch contour it will need to be high in the middle above your central incisors and lower above your side incisors, and it should go back higher than both above your canines. If this sounds very complicated let’s focus on something more light and something every ordinary patient-to-be will understand.

Your gum is supposed to be light rose-pink in colour. If it defers, and when it tends to be more purple it doesn't mean it’s unhealthy, but the reason for a purple gum vary. The most common causes are either pigmentation or smoker’s melanosis. Even if its smoke related the gum colouration can be changed using various dental treatments and therapy.

Teeth whitening must be made in proper shade using as a contrast the colour of your face skin. Very white teeth are not the best standard for an attractive smile, because the wrong colouration can look pretty disturbing sometimes. So make sure to choose the shade of white that suits you most. This will be the colour that contrasts slightly and smartly with your skin texture and amount of light reflecting off your teeth. Small teeth and straight tooth alignment is not a perfect smile standard also. It can make you look terrible if you have a wide smile or a long face and small teeth. So proportion is the best answer to this. Oval, slim, slightly tall teeth look much more attractive and feminine, also your central incisors the two teeth in the middle of the smile, are supposed to be a little larger and more noticeable than the rest. On the other, for men the proper ones are: square, round shaped, large teeth tend to be more attractive and masculine for them. As those types help show more facial jaw bones structure.
The canines are the most important structure of a smile, they support the angles of the mouth which give your lips and cheeks more support, and lately I have read somewhere that researchers have found them the most sexually appealing teeth in our smile profile if they are situated properly in the arch.

Breath - Even if you use chewing gum, or take other precautions to make the bad breath go away, do not fool yourself, it won’t go away by itself.
The source, besides a broken tooth usually is the tongue and you need to brush it on daily basis.

It can also be a crown, a bridge, an orthodontic appliance that traps food and is not being cleaned properly, and the best thing you can do is to consult with your Dentist Orange to find the best way to change the situation. White tooth fillings are not weaker than silver fillings, they are just more technique sensitive when being applied by the dentist needing a lot of good skills and artistic approach to perfect and maintain in the mouth. Your dentist should be very careful when applying them because this directly affects the lifespan and the expectancy of a white filling.

Last and not least - certificates hanging on the dentist practice walls are not always university degrees. Most of them are just certificates of attendance that you get as soon as you pay the fees to attend a conference, dental seminar or symposium. So if you do not know the dentist personally then you should read them closely.

And remember: smiling more often prolongs your life; it improves your self-esteem, and keeps your social life on a high level.